For the more technically-minded, here's the low-down on Steve's hi-fi.

  • The ST - custom-made semi-acoustic by Tym guitars. Most inventive use of pine and masonite that we've come across...

  • The TnS Versatone Eminence - custom-made arch-top, thinline hollow-body by Tym guitars. This is a Tym Mosrite Celebrity size and shape made with maple top and back, and laminated sides. It has a full centre block with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, with Tym's Wosrite pick ups.

  • The Dodge is verging on official retirement. Despite repairs since "in a shattered state" was recorded (it now has the full compliment of 6 strings), this Japanese-built student semi-acoustic has seen better days.

  • Pedals
  • The Boss distortion gets an occasional outing, but Steve mostly uses the Tym Cerberus Series Overdrive pedal. Undeniably made in Australia, according to Tym Guitars, "'cos there's no way an American would make this 'cos it's too ugly!... I wanted to make somthing that you could literally kick down the road."

  • Amps
  • Steve's albums have been recorded using his 1970s 100W VT-22 Ampeg. Steve has stuck with this amp, not just because of its sound, but because it's tough. Bad things usually happen when amps on skateboards get speed wobbles and roll down embankments, but this one's still alive and kicking.

  • The Shrunken Head amp by Tym Guitars. This one runs off mains power or two lantern batteries and can be plugged into the speakers in Steve's Naut flight case. 40W yet pocket-sized!!!

  • Steve uses Tym Guitars 'cos Tym is cool and actually supports underground music and musos.